Defunding Planned Parenthood is a Pure Political Lie.

In case you haven't heard, a bill passed the House to defund Planned Parenthood. It won't make it to law bc the president has promised to veto it even if it passes the senate.

However, here's why I'm angry that defunding PP is a whole movement that's pretending to happen:

It's a purely political gesture based completely on lies and misinformation to emotionally stir up voters as we approach an election cycle, and is not actually about preventing abortions at all.

It's JUST the emotional manipulation of voters with lies and lip service "defense of those without a voice."

It's actually the shameful using of fetuses as mouthpieces for selfishly driven political rhetoric. It's disgusting.

AND if such a bill actually passes, it would do real harm to millions of women, AND actually undermine the supposed purpose of defunding Planned Parenthood, which is to save unborn babies.

First - the videos that caused the sensational outcry of supposed inhumanity were heavily edited to create the illusion of selling fetuses for profit, when in fact the costs were for transportation and associated costs for legal and approved research.

Let's say you still object completely to abortions. Sure, I (and way more importantly, the law) disagree with your position. However, the government funding for Planned Parenthood DOES NOT EVEN GO TO ABORTIONS. EVER. That was done precisely because of the political toxicity around abortion.

To say we'll stop abortions if we take money away from Planned Parenthood is a pure convenient political lie.

What would ACTUALLY happen if we defunded PP is the astronomical reduction to access of basic sexual health care to millions of poor and underserved women.

We also would be denying services and family planning counseling which are designed to HELP AVOID UNWANTED PREGNANCIES, so that we can AVOID ABORTIONS.

Defunding Planned Parenthood would actively hurt millions of women, defund their access to basic screening services for cancers and diseases, and reduce programs that ACTUALLY help prevent abortion.

THIS is why I'm furious. The movement is built on pulling on our heartstrings and a whole pile of lies. It's done purely to rally supporters behind an imaginary slaying of a dragon, when really the dragon is a young girl in a dragon costume going "why the hell are you stabbing me with swords I just wanted to provide health care for the princess argh."

I'm furious we can live in an age where politicians, leaders of our country, can lie to us ceaselessly because they want voter turnout and to say feel good sound bites.

I'm furious because 241 representatives either didn't do their basic homework, or are saying "I am willing to threaten millions of my constituents with losing access to health care and services that actually help reduce abortions to make a political gesture based on selfishness, misinformation, and pure manipulation."

If you are against abortions, you should stand with Planned Parenthood. They are in the business of health care and prevention of unwanted pregnancies. They are also in the business of providing safe and legal abortions for women who have a right to their body, and want an option allowed them by the law of this country.

And we all should shame all the candidates spewing Defund Planned Parenthood as a rallying cry.

You think it sounds like "no more abortions!" But what they're actually saying is "fuck health services for women and low income people." And that is abominable.