14/48: A Love Letter

Director Mimi Katano, standing before the Cone of Destiny.

Director Mimi Katano, standing before the Cone of Destiny.

Thank you for 48 hours that kicked me in the butt, punched me in the feels, grabbed me by the heart, and dragged me into the deep end of a thriving, passionate, kind, generous, talented, and vibrant community of performers, musicians, makers, and artists. 

Thank you for the amazing people who managed to make an insanely ambitious project (14 new plays in 48 hours, fully rehearsed, costumed, produced, staged) run more smoothly and professionally than I ever could have dreamed. 

Thank you for the pressure cooker of a prompt, an actor count, and 12 hours to deliver 10 pages of theater. Thanks for not giving time for self doubt or uncertainty to take root, for forcing quick and bold decisions, and for the shower of support and love. Thank you for making me do it twice.

Thank you for the actors who brought my (frazzled, written-at-2-am-under-delightful-duress) words to life.

Thank you to the two brilliant directors who helped shape and empower said performances (and the other directors who did the same for 6 other playwrights!).

Thank you to the designers and musicians who brought the worlds out of sleep-deprived brains and into meat space. (Guys, they made a car and created space suits and tree stumps with magic mushrooms all in 8 hours. Tech magicians.)

Thank you to the bloggers and photographers who wrote and documented all the madness. 

Thank you to the kitchen staff  (!!) who fed an army of actual starving (or at least hungry) artists.

Thank you to the audiences who came to see the things we made. 

I had been feeling distant from the theater community. It has been a while since I wrote a new play or auditioned for a scripted theater. Work and improv had gobbled up my time and energy and passions of late.

Thank you for feeding my playwright heart (and stomach). Thank you for such an incredible opportunity to meet and make so many new friends and people I can't WAIT to work with again. 

Thank you for reminding me why I love this.

Thank you.