“Impossible is my favorite kind of possible.”

The impossible is only so when taken as a whole. 

No one can summit a mountain by gazing towards its peaks. But anyone can take a step.

Break down the impossible into the smallest pieces you can fathom. Chip away at what is within reach - and don’t be afraid to stretch toward parts that you don’t yet understand or see clearly.

The most important thing is simply to begin the work. Nurture and feed the dream of the impossible with real, tangible actions.

There will always be missteps and points you have to double back, parts where you seem to lose the trail and feel like you don’t know what’s next.

Trust that work leads to work.  

There will be parts where there is sudden clarity - where you look back and see the little pieces of work has yielded real progress. Parts where the haze clears, just a little, and you can see the next footholds and handholds that will bring you closer to the next ledge.

There will be other parts where you realize that despite being halfway up the mountain, you must climb back down almost to the start as you’ve reached an impasse.  

Those moments are most disheartening, but take comfort in knowing experience gained is not time wasted, but rather an essential part of accomplishing the impossible.  

(4,365 words were written, and most of them deleted, to create this 400 word blog.)  

We are capable of more than we think. So bite off more than you can chew - then take your time to nibble at it until it’s broken down and swallowed in your belly, absorbed into your blood, made into a part of your greater self.  

You can do it. Piece by piece.