Pint of Life

One person. One pint of ice cream. One audience member. One improvised play.


Pint of Life celebrates the aspirations and achievements of a stranger, and seeks to bring us all a little closer together - over a pint of ice cream.



"A pint of ice cream, two spoons, and one willing audience member is all Michael Yichao needs to create a musical on the spot. After talking to audience member Shaun and learning all about his life (married with two kids, former electrical engineer, now PhD candidate in genetics), he used the information to create a musical version of Shaun’s life story. This is like those tourist caricatures on a whole new level. I’m sure it was a very cool experience for Shaun to see his story come to life in song. Along with his guitarist stage left and only two chairs and a table as props he sang his heart out creating a heartwarming love story full of future possibilities."

- Tess Perkins Deneault, Center Stage

“Have you ever seen anything more charming in your whole ding-dang life?” - The very charming Jill Bernard


Pint of Life has been performed in Vancouver, BC (Vancouver Fringe Festival 2017, Little Mountain Improv), Juneau (Alaska State Improv Festival), Seattle (Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater, Pocket Theater), Bellingham (Dead Parrots Improv Festival), San Francisco (Leela Theater), Phoenix (Jester'Z Theater), Rupert, ID (Wilson Theatre), and Los Angeles (CalArts).