Published by Chicago Dramaworks (2015)
O'Neill Theater National Playwright's Conference Semi-Finalist (2014)
Co-Produced with Valley Youth Theatre and Clopet Theater (2010)

Taylor is moving into another new foster home. Caitlin's dad is distant. Jayden finds out he's getting a new brother. Mary copes with illness. Four kids' lives collide in unexpected ways as they navigate the space between being a kid and growing up.

Cast of 8-14 (doubling)
Minimum Cast: 4M 4F
Theater for Young Audiences



jellyfish pine


O'Neill Theater National Playwright's Conference Finalist (2015)
Kennedy Center Paul Stephen Lim Award Winner (2014)
Workshop - Drive Theatre (2014)

Workshop - PlayLAB play at Arizona State University (2014)

Jack loves Emily. Emily loves Jack. ...just never at the same time. A play about missed connections, relationships, and the complexity of time.

3M 1F


Indie Boots Theatre Festival,Chicago (2014)
Kennedy Center National Finalist 10 Minute Play Festival (2014)
Association for Theater in Higher Education Workshop (2014)
Selected for the Bath Fringe Festival (2014)
Performed at Boston College's Art Festival (2013)

Dan and Olivia spend a lot of time not saying how they feel. A 10 minute play on poetry and secrets.

1M, 1F
10 Minute Play



Marybeth visits her grandmother, Luanne, to help her pack and move from the family home. A play about change and generations, with a little dash of time travel.

6F 3M variable size Chorus
Theater for Young Audiences
Full Length



Great Plains Theatre Conference Invited PlayLab Play (2014)
Kennedy Center Paul Stephen Lim Award Winner (2013)
O'Neill Theater National Playwright's Conference Semi-Finalist (2013)
Edinburgh Fringe (2013)
Written at the Orchard Project (2012)

Dallin's turning 13... and no one's coming to his birthday party. Left to his own devices, Dallin takes a journey through memories, space and time as he reflects on the strangeness of getting older. A play about relativity, quantum mechanics, hunting, cake,and geese. 

3M 2F 1 ANY
Full Length


Kennedy Center Paul Stephen Lim Award Winner (2012)
O'Neill Theater National Playwright's Conference Semi-Finalist (2011)

Philip is stuck in his head. An impossible crush spirals out of his grasp. First love, first heartbreak...and Rob Rauchenburg's Monogram 1959.

2M 1F

Missing Snow


When Jason finds out his dog is sick, he's forced to confront his relationship with his girlfriend, his parents, and those closest to him.

3M, 3F



High School Musical meets Murder She Wrote. With maybe a dash of Supernatural.

A new musical written in collaboration with Deena Selenow.

In Progress: [playwrights]


A play about playwrights writing plays about playwrights.

In Progress: [manatee]


A chubby young girl "adopts" a manatee after gets called one by her cruel classmates. She writes letters to the manatee - and starts getting letters back. A play on body image, bullying, friendship, culture, and family heritage set in Hawaii. 

In Progress: [trains]


He awakens in the car of a train. They meet for the first time. She informs him their master is dead. The two traverse through dreams and across the fields of time to find their master's killer. 

Part fable, part fantasy, part magic, part mystery. 

In Progress: [Old and New]


Grandpa was once a famous a Beijing Opera performer. Nowadays, he works at a laundromat in Brooklyn. Keith is a vlogger, rising in popularity. The two parallel worlds of performance blend and blur, timelines cross and rearrange in an intersection and mish-mash of cultures and generations.